image001In partnership with Wiley Periodicals, JPMS is published by the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (U.S. Branch), part of a global organization dedicated to inter-disciplinary, scope–spanning fields such as musicology, ethnomusicology, sociology, cultural anthropology, literary studies, cultural studies, American studies and more.

As of Issue #28.4, JPMS will be staffed by:

Diane Pecknold| Univ. of Louisville
Oliver Wang | CSU-Long Beach

Managing Editor
Meghan Drury | George Washington Univ.

Associate Editors
Jayna Brown | UC Riverside
Hua Hsu | Vassar College
Loren Kajikawa | Univ. of Oregon
Deborah Paredez | UT Austin
Joseph Schloss | CUNY
David Suisman | Univ. of Delaware | Books Editor
Karen Tongson | USC | Amplifier Editor
Gayle Wald | George Washington Univ.
Eric Weisbard | Univ. of Alabama

Editorial Board

Christine Bacareza Balance | University of California, Irvine
Harris M. Berger | Texas A & M University
Marisol Berrios-Miranda | University of Washington
David Brackett | McGill University
Norma Coates | University of Western Ontario
Shannon Dudley | University of Washington
Rebekah Farrugia | Oakland University
Raul Fernandez | University of California, Irvine
Robert Fink | University of California, Los Angeles
Murray Forman | Northeastern University
Cynthia Fuchs | George Mason University
Reebee Garofalo | University of Massachusetts Boston
Jason Hanley | Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
Anthony Kwame Harrison | Virginia Technical University
Ellie Hisama | Columbia University
Geoffrey Jacques | Lehman College
Steve Jones | University of Illinois, Chicago
Anahid Kassabian | University of Liverpool
Beverly Keel | Middle Tennessee State University
Josh Kun | University of Southern California
Portia Maultsby | Indiana University
Mark Anthony Neal | Duke University
Deborah Pacini Hernandez | Tufts University
Devon Powers | Drexel University
Emmett Price | Northeastern University
Rachel Rubin | University of Massachusetts Boston
Barry Shank | Ohio State University
Matt Stahl | University of California, San Diego
Jennifer Stoever-Ackerman | State University of New York, Binghamton
Deborah Vargas | University of California, Riverside
Carol Vernallis | Arizona State University
Shane Vogel | Indiana University
Steve Waksman | Smith College